Tang-e Sayad in Shahrekord includes Tang-e Sayad Protected Area and the national park that is located on the eastern part of the county in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari. This area is as wide as 27000 hectares, and featuring numerous hills and mountains, it has become a suitable home for many species such as rams and Bighorn sheep. Since Tang-e Sayad has many impassable cliffs, it is also a proper habitat for leopards and wild goats. From other animals in the area we can refer to wolves, foxes, jackals, hyenas, and birds like partridge chil, See-see partridge and Eagle. So far, 25 Mammal species, 70 species of birds, 26 species of reptiles Variety of plant species, diverse and exquisite landscapes in result of mountain ecosystem, as well as physical activities such as mount climbing, rock climbing and watching wild life are just some of the tourist potentials of Tang-e Sayad Protected Area in Shahrekord.

Tang-e-sayad National Park, Farrokhshahr

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