Mesr Desert

One of the most beautiful natural manifestations in Iran tourism is its deserts. Mesr Village is located in the Isfahan province near the Khur and Biabanak County. Less than 50 kilometers from the city of Jandaq and about 30 kilometers from Khur, lies an amazing desert the beauty of which attracts many tourists from both inside and outside Iran. It is a vast, enormous area in the middle of Dasht-e Kavir.  In Mesr Village, people earn money by animal husbandry, farming and renting houses to the tourists. Water of the village is prepared from the wells. We have explained about Mesr Village before and you can read the article of it by clicking on the link below. A severe drought occurred, so Joseph was forced to dig some wells. For several years, people used the water of the wells until it was finished. Again, Joseph dug some wells and since the Prophet Joseph was in Egypt, people of this village named here Mesr which is the equivalent of Egypt in Persian. Only a few percent of the Mesr Desert is covered with plants. The Vegetation coverage encompasses halophyte plants such as Tamaris trees, Haloxylon trees and bushes. The animal coverage area consists of animals such as wolf, jackal, hyena, sand fox, sand cat, lizard, chameleon, a variety of lizards, snakes, scorpions, dull-yellow partridge, eagle, hawk and others cause of lots of food and water. Mesr Village which is accessible via public transport is in a close distance from Khur. Shenzar Guesthouse, a beautiful guesthouse in the village belonging to a hospitable family, provides an opportunity for travelers to experience traditional desert houses and Iranian toothy foods. Barandaz Tabatabai Caravanserai is one of the best accommodation in traditional style in the Mesr Desert.

Mesr Desert

The camel herds and camel riding between the Mesr Village’s sand hills add to the interesting aspects of the desert. ATV motors and off-road SUVs are provided there with experienced drivers. Just say a word and then Experience a sweet and ebullient ride in your entire life. Both vehicles, reach the summit of sand hill fast and then move down the hill with extraordinary thrill. Another widely known attraction of the area is called Khur salt lake, a salty land covered with hives-like shapes formed by salt. All in all, the experience is definitely great for anyone interested in adventure travel.

Mesr Desert

Lut Desert (Dasht-e Lut)

Desert areas constitute about a quarter of Iran. The Lut desert is a desert in southeastern Iran with a length of about 900 km and a width of 300 km. The world’s tallest sand pyramid is located in this plain.

In this vast plain, traces of human habitation from the fourth millennium BC have been observed. There have been huge earthquakes in this plain in the past time.

The plain of Lut has many spectacular views in its heart. Every year, countless desert enthusiasts are eager to see these wonders in the plain of Lut. Wide sand and gravel areas with bright brown to light gray and black, wavy sandy areas, multiple polygonal zones, are some of the beauties of Lut Desert.

According to some geologists, the desert has been a shallow sea called “Tis” in the past, which has dried over time due to the warmth of the air. During 2004 to 2009, this region was recognized as the warmest surface of the Earth.

The largest population of the Lut plain has settled in the Shahdad (in the past called “Khibiz”). One of the few vegetation coverings in this area is the Gaz Shrubs located 20 km from Shahdad.

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